Welcome to Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto Synagogue
Shuva Israel New York

Daily and Shabbat Shacharit, Mincha and Arvit Shul
(Breakfast and dinners available at no charge after services)



This week schedule:

Please on Thursdays afternoon around 3:00pm at our media room 3rd floor

For a  Live lecture from Israel by

Light refreshments will be self served
Translation by Shuva Israel Students is available
Weekday Services - Minyanim
Sacharit this week is at 7:30AM
Beit Midrash on the 4th floor. (Breakfast is self served at no charge on ground floor)
Torah studies all day until late night!  with Shuva Israel
Torah Students in the Beit Midrash on the 4th floor
Mincha (Ashkenaz) : 3:00PM Main Floor
Mincha : 6:45 PM
Beit Midrash on the 4th floor
Followed by Arvit
Shavuah Tov! Hodesh Tov!


Shabbat Kodesh Parashat 

Mincha on Friday:  PM


Shabbat Kodesh Sacharit is at AM
Everyone! are welcome to Seudat Shabbat and Hamin
Torah studies all day!with Shuva Israel Torah Students in the Beit Midrash on the 4th floor.
Shabbat Mincha at: PM
Everyone! are welcome to Seuda Shlishit, Torah Class and songs for Shabbat
Followed by Maariv and Havdalla.
Melave Malka-Seuda Revit around PM
Shabbat Shalom and Thank you all for coming.

Location and directions:
Shuva Israel Manhattan | Orthodox Synagogue and Yeshiva


122 EAST 58 Street New York, NY 10022 USA
Between Park and Lexington Avenue



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Yardeni said Rabbi Pinto is "a huge part of my life," despite Yardeni's not being religious

Israeli wheelers and dealers in New York City real estate consult Rabbi Yishayahu Yosef Pinto when it comes to business and personal matters. Rabbi Pinto, who has no formal business education, only speaks Hebrew and won't meet with women, is considered by Israeli real estate professionals as well as people in other professions and of different faiths to be a holy man.

History of the building

Shuva Israel Community first put down roots in New York City in 2002 when the organization rented space and opened its doors at 328 East 61st street.  As people came to pray, the congregation expanded and grew quite large. When it becomes clear that a new space was needed, the group began looking for a new building that would meet the organizations growing needs. Read more

On December 11th of that year, former President of the United States Calvin Coolidge and former Governor of New York and Chief Justice of the United States Charles Evans Hughes attended the formal dedication ceremony of the building.

Photo courtesy of NY Genealogical & Biographical Society

About Shuva

The foundation of the Jewish people depends on the purity of its values and its devotion to the ways of our Patriarchs and the tradition they endowed us with. Read more

Rabbi Pinto FAQ

Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto is a revered and respected Jewish spiritual leader, philanthropist and business advisor whose esteemed lineage can be traced to a centuries-old rabbinic family in Morocco. Read more